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Sparks View Farm offers but is not limited to services such as Boarding, Breeding, Breaking, LayUp, Quarantine, Sales Prep, Sales Consignment (limited) & Retirement Options.

Boarding:  Sparks View Farm has 48 stalls in 3 barns on 170 acres


Breeding:  Sparks View Farm will van your mare to the breeding shed day or night.  Independent carriers  only used as needed.


Breaking:  Sparks View Farm has a 20 stall training barn with a shed row, just like being at the race track.  Sparks View has a 45 - 60 day breaking program based on the individual.

LayUp:  Services based on the needs of the individual.


Sales Prep:  Sparks View Farm has prepped horses for many consignors over the years.  We have worked with consignors such as Brookdale, Denali, Hill 'n' Dale, and Three Chimney's.


Sales Consignment:  Services are limited so please contact for more information.


Retirement Options:  Services based on the needs of the individual.

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